Recorded June 14, 2019


A full-day deep dive into successful Test Driven Development (TDD) practices helping companies like Disney, Spotify, Netflix, PayPal, and Amazon ship better products on a reliable schedule. Perfect TDD onboarding for you or your whole team.

What is TDD?

Test Driven Development (TDD) is a software development process which prescribes the following steps, in order:

• Write a test that proves whether the implementation works or fails, and watch the test fail (this prevents false positives, and proves that the implementation code is what makes the test pass).

• Write the implementation code and watch the test pass.

• Refactor, if needed, relying on the tests to warn you if you break the code in the process.


TDD has many benefits. It helps development teams eradicate fear of change, feel confident to employ a continuous delivery process, and it can make you a better developer by teaching you about tight coupling, and how to avoid it.

Many teams have adopted TDD, or begun to adopt TDD, and need some help to understand the process better. Other teams have not yet implemented TDD, and need some help deciding if its right for them. If you're already using TDD, TDD day will help you take your process to the next level by teaching you how to write better tests, how to decide what to unit test, and what needs functional tests, instead. It will help you understand how to create better messages when tests fail, and teach you how to avoid the overhead of mocking every I/O bound service in your application.


Do you have TDD questions you want answered? Ask @JS_Cheerleader on twitter with #tddday for expert answers.

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5 hours of quality TDD training by Eric Elliott.
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Join TDD Day

5 hours of quality TDD training by Eric Elliott.
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You'll Learn:

Why TDD has taken over

Economics of software quality

Unit vs functional vs integration tests

5 questions every unit test must answer

TDD the RITE way

Mocking is a code smell

Why testable software leads to better architecture

Causes of tight coupling

How to do more with pure functions

Unit testing React components
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